Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Things We've Done & 4 Months

We have had some really nice weather we've been outside and playing!  Many trips to the park, one of Ty's favorite things...the Swing!
 Our new ride!  We love our double Bob!
 We even got some swimming in!!  Ty and his little friend Aubrey!
 There's a place here called Happy Hallow...We had a good time and it will probably be one of our favorite spots this summer!!  Ty and Aubrey on the rides...he didn't like when they ended...the not so fun part, for all!

 Rach hanging out with mom!
Rachel turned 4 months on the 16th!  She is really changing and growing!  Looking back, I can't believe how small she was!  She is full of smiles and sometimes some giggles!  She's getting stronger...and is just starting to get motivated to push herself up during tummy time!  She's pretty content and patient with her brother and all of his kisses he gives her!! 
Height: 23 1/4 inches  
Weight: 10lbs. 13 oz.  
Head: 40 cent.  

I just love this little face...and could seriously just kiss those cheeks all day!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


We had a really nice Easter this year. We were up at my parents house this year, and the Easter bunny found us there! the kids baskets!!

and Tyler...he's a little more into it!

We then headed to was a great meeting and afternoon!

Then we headed over to my aunt Sarah's for a delicious dinner! This is Rachel and her great grandpa Callaway!

Tyler then got to go hunt for eggs...he got the hang of it! Even started collecting the croquet balls!


It was a great day...I am so grateful for the Easter season and the opportunity we have to reflect on the Atonement of Christ. I know that he suffered for me individually, and that it is through his resurrection that I can return to be with him and my Heavenly Father...I am eternally grateful for this knowledge, and pray that I might live my life more like him.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Conf. weekend and Cabin...

For conference weekend we went up to my sisters in Manteca to watch conference and spend some time with the family. My parents and Aubrey came down as well, it was my Birthday on Sunday, so it was fun to spend it with lots of family!

Rach crashed out!!

Our little family!
My little girl and I...(found her hands!)

The next weekend we headed up to the cabin for some time out of the city... and into the snow! I love to visit the snow! Tyler had a good time stealing everyone's electronics...(he's obsessed! and it's something I really work on cause it's so annoying!) It was a great weekend of family and fun!

Papa's I-pad...(trust me...if it was mine, he wouldn't have it... Papa is a softy!)

Sibling love...i sat her up there by him, and he grabbed her hand! I just love the little things he does for her already!

Dying eggs with the cousins! Ryan (6) Austin (4) Tyler (16 months)

He was just as pooped as I was getting the gear on...(another reason I just like to visit the snow! It takes forever to get dressed! :))

Mom and Ty

The next day daddy joined us!

We love the cabin and the great memories we get to make there! Thank you papa and grandma for allowing us to go and enjoy it!