Friday, July 27, 2012

Fair Week!

In June the kids and I headed up to my parents house for the Placer County Fair!  My family has been a part of 4-H and FFA for some years now...and my littlest sister Aubrey graduated from High School this year, which means that this will most likely be the last fair for us! (But, not if uncle Trevor has anything to do with it, he'll have Aubrey show next year!)  Anyhow, we started the week off with a visit to my Great-Grandma the kids Great-Great-Grandma!  She is an amazing lady and I am so grateful that we are close to get to visit with her!
 Then it was off to the fair!  Tyler immediately found his Papa to show him the pigs!  Tyler loves his Papa, it's one of his favorite words and is always looking for him when we are up there! 
 I basically had to tackle him to even stay by me for a second!
 Tyler and his cousins Ryan and Austin got to enjoy some rides...

We had a great time...I have no pictures of the show...that's because I was trying to manage the kiddos, and Ty really doesn't like to sit, no pictures of Aubrey!  But, she did great and it was a lot of fun!