Friday, March 23, 2012

The Joke!

Although Tyler is pretty good with Rach...there are times when I have to "baby proof the baby!" She has a few spots where she goes when I need to get stuff done... on the table...

on the bed...
There are a couple of other spots...but, it has become my joke that there times when I have to "baby proof the baby" from the baby! :)

We really need backyard...or at least it would be nice! Ty loves to play the little patio it is, for now! :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3 Months!

Rachel is now 3 months! She is growing and doing well! She is really starting to give lots of smiles! She's a lot of fun... Tyler is really good (most of the time) with her! I have to record this... a few things, yesterday we were at baby playgroup (I know, our ward has enough first time moms to have a baby playgroup! Awesome!) we were packing up to leave, I had Rach in her seat and I was gathering up all of our stuff. Rach started to fuss, and I look over there and Ty had her binkie in his hand and was trying to give it to cute! Also, last night I was giving baths before bed. I had Rach in her bumbo seat while I finished Ty and got his PJ's on. i was putting stuff away, and I hear Ty in the bathroom with i walk around the corner and he's sitting right in front of her, hands on the bumbo seat, hunched over, and jabbering in a really high pitched voice (higher than normal)! It was so cute...I thought he had done that a couple other times, mimicking me...but that just confirmed it! LOVE it! He just picks up on everything! These are the moments that make my day! Love these kids!

The last several weeks have been long ones here in our home! Ty got something similar to HF&M disease! Some virus that comes out in rash form...ya, awesome! He got it really bad, which made us housebound! But, since it's gone and he's better...I can now share this...the poor kid! It was just nasty!
Rach and Mom! Love to cuddle with her!

3 Months!

Even though the Dr. repeatedly tells me I CAN'T compare's only human! So, here is Ty at 3 months!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Visit from Grandma and Some Favs!

The beginning of the month Steve's mom came to visit and to meet little Rachel. We had a nice visit and got to do some fun things! We went to Monterey and did the 17 mile drive! It was an absolute beautiful day...and the coast was amazing! We had never done that before, it was beautiful!

Grandma and Tyler checkin out the ocean!

Tyler was so pooped by the end of the day, (we did a lot of driving which equals not very good naps!) he just crashed on Grandma!

Ty and Daddy!

The waves were HUGE when we were there...they were amazing!

Our temporary setup!

It is definitely a different world having a toddler! But, it's so much fun having him doing new things and wanting to explore!

My sister's family got a little yellow lab puppy for Christmas...(makes us miss Abbey!) But, Ty loves dogs and I just love this picture of my boys!

I went into Ty's room during his nap one day and found him like this...Love it!

Love his crazy bed head!

We borrowed my sisters double stroller...(he really does like it, I promise!)

Yes, I have my hands full...but, I love my kids!


Ty helping daddy wash the car!