Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cruise-Tortolla/Virgin Gorda B.V.I.

Our next stop was Tortolla, we didn't have anything planned, we asked around and heard that the thing to do was to take the ferry over to Virgin Gorda and go see the Baths.  So...that's what we did!  We also heard that you needed to go early!!  We got in at 7am, we were one of the first groups off and on our way!  
This is walking up to the ferry station!  We actually wound up finding a guy that was cheaper to take us over and that's what we did!!
 Pulling up to the "Baths"!!  So it's believed that the baths were created thousands of years ago when a volcano about 30 miles away blew and shot these big boulders up in the air and they landed over here on Virgin Gorda and piled on each other like this.
 Hiking to the beach!
 So Awesome!!  We didn't really know what to expect on the hike and we wound up having to hike through these boulders, at some points only one person could go through at a time.  It was so pretty  and really an awesome experience.

 This is what we ended at!  Awesome! We were the only ones there on the beach!!  
 We had just taken some pictures for my sister right here in front of this rock, we took a couple pictures and then right smack in the middle of cheese...awesome!!!!
 The group that went girls had taken a nap on the beach while the boys went and hiked around and swam, when we woke up there were TONS of people!  Seriously, we fell asleep as the only ones there and woke up with people everywhere!!  It was crazy.  We then started the hike back, and those spots where only one person could get through at a time...there was a line through the whole little hike of people trying to get through.  It was madness!  But, we made it through pretty quick!!
Leaving Tortolla.
3rd deck nap...the best!! 

 That night there was a party on the top deck...

 Midnight Buffet that night!!  And the ice sculpture was an Indian head!!  So fitting for Steve!! (HS mascot!)

To be continued...

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Our second Port of Call was Antigua!  We were really excited for this stop because we had planned to do the zip line excursion!  So as we got off the ship, we headed with the group and made our way to the taxi to head to the rain forest!!
 Ready to go!!

 Compared to St. Thomas, Antigua was really flat.  This is while driving on the road we could see our cruise ship.
 OH MY GOODNESS!!!  Now this is what I was talking about!!  Or at least what I imagined the Caribbean to be like!!  This beach was AMAZING!  WOW!!  We had such a great time here!  We all swam, relaxed, and enjoyed the beauty of this awesome beach!!  So much fun and for sure our favorite stop!!


 Nightly dinner shot!!
 Bingo at the late night show!!!  Going on a cruise, I thought that we would be surrounded by a ton of people all the time and that there would be crowds everywhere!  Really, there wasn't!!  The only  thing we really had to wait for was the Mongolian BBQ for lunch!!  Cause they only had 4 fryer pans to cook with and too many people that wanted that!!  
To be continued...

Friday, April 26, 2013

Cruise- St. Thomas

Our first Port of Call was St. Thomas!  It was so awesome walking out and seeing this beautiful Island!  We had set up an excursion for this day with 'Snorkeling and Scuba Adventures' they were Awesome!! We had a great day filled with Snorkeling, swimming, relaxing, and sightseeing with this group!! 

 The beach where we went snorkeling.

 Hull the Caribbean while we were there they were having some really odd currents and swells in the sea.  It was making the sand stir up and creating big waves, so on this beach we were suppose to go snorkeling but couldn't because of these currents.  But, it was still beautiful and was fun to have lunch at and just relax!!

 This is out tour guide Web!!  He was a lot of fun!

 I don't remember what this was...there were so many odd things that they consumed during this trip...but, I don't think it was a winner!!
To be continued...

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cruise-Day at Sea

In March, Steve and I got to go on a trip of a lifetime!!  We went on a cruise to the Caribbean !  AHHH!!  My dream came true!  The Caribbean is one place I have wanted to go and experience!!  And...we got to do it with my siblings and parents!  It really was a great trip with many great memories made!!!  The first 2 days were "Day at Sea" days, so here is what we did during those days!
Arriving and getting ready to load onto to the ship!!
We were to fly out of San Francisco at 9PM Friday night, with a flew delays we made our way onto the plane for a few rough hours of sleep for that night!  We got into Ft. Lauderdale fairly early on Saturday morning, and we weren't suppose to get onto the ship until about 1PM.  We decided to just make our way over to Port and wait there to get on to the boat!  By the time we got there waited for a few minutes, went through security, checked in, waited a little longer (while all 11 of us were crashed out of the benches!), we found out that we could board the ship at 11AM!!  That made for a happy bunch of tired and hungry people!! It was great we got on and enjoyed some lunch and then headed to our rooms at 1PM when we could get in to them, took another amazing nap, and then headed to the Lido deck to watch us sail to sea!!
Lido deck, where the party began!!
 Setting Sail! a mom of 2 young children (2 and 1) leaving them for 8 whole days sounded ok way back months and months ago when this whole trip was first mentioned!  As it got closer and closer, I of course got more nervous!  As I got the babysitter all set up and the time came closer, I was preparing myself to daily that I wouldn't see them for so long!!  All preparations were going great!  We were to leave Friday, Monday night I was at my soccer game when I get the phone call "Ashley! Rachel is throwing up everywhere!!  Like, projectile!!!!"Awesome!!  Of course this would happen to me!!!  Tuesday goes by, no one else to clean up after...Wednesday goes by, no one else to clean up...Thursday, going ok, one sicko, we are half way through our day, it's naptime...put Ty down about an hr. later I hear him crying I go in and he tells "Mommy hurt, Mommy hurt!" And, points to his stomach!  Oh no!!  Take him out lay him down in the family room and a few minutes later...victim #2!  NOOOOO!!!  I am leaving tomorrow!!  And now, I am leaving sick kids!!  That was not fun!!  Anyhow, we all made it, they got better and grandma only got thrown-up on once!!  However, Sunday rolls around, I am on the cruise Aubrey already had not been feeling well and my head begins to feel like a balloon.  Seriously, I felt so crummy!  Wasn't sure what was wrong!  Everyone thought I was sea sick, (don't usually get motion sickness) but, I thought maybe!!  Lunch comes around don't feel super hot, ate a little then we all hung out for a while and then headed down to our rooms to get ready for dinner...Steve went up to get some air, I showered!  Really started to not feel good, wondering where Steve is, starting to feel that I am gonna spew feeling!!!  Ran down to my sisters room, she didn't answer, on to the next room, Natalie opened the door and I ran into the bathroom and well...!!  Ya, 5 min later I felt A LOT better!! (Sorry guys)  Went back to the room and slept for most of the night, missed dinner but for some reason get dressed up for the show and went to that w/ Steve.      
Hanging on top of the boat!
Steve was a good sport and with much talking into participated in the Hairy Chest contest!!

Party on 3rd deck!!! 

 One of the many times all 11 of us would smash into an elevator!!!