Friday, February 25, 2011

2 Months and Blessing

Yes, Tyler is almost 3 months (next week) but I am just getting around to posting these pictures... So here is his 2 month picture...(yes, stole the idea from many others that have done it!)
Tyler's Measurements:
Weight: 10 pounds 11 ounces- 25th percentile
Length: 24.25 inches-90th percentile
Head circumference: I don't remember the measurement and I don't have the paper with me, but he was in the 50th percentile!)
Tyler was blessed on Feb. 6, 2011 by Steve. It was such a sweet blessing.
We didn't get any pictures at the church building; but, we got some back at our apartment. Here are some of the men that were in the circle. Tyler's....Great Uncle Mark, Great Grandpa Callaway, Uncle Derek, Daddy, Uncle Allen, Papa Schmidt, Uncle Justin, and Great Papa Schmidt. His Great Uncles John and Blain also came but needed to get back to their families. We are so grateful to everyone that came to support us, it was such a great day!

Tyler, Mom, and all of his Grandma's that were there.
Great Grandma Schmidt, Nana Schmidt, Mom, Grandma Julie, and Great Grandma Callaway.

And this look says it all! "Done with the pictures!"

This is for Uncle Trevor, who is now Elder Schmidt! Trev reported to the MTC the Wed. before we blessed Ty. But we are so grateful for him and his example to Tyler and his other nephews. He's a great kid, and will be a great missionary! He is serving in the New Mexico, Farmington Mission. We love you Trev!

This is for my sister Natalie...She made me the Family frames! I tried to text her a picture but it didn't here you go! I love them, I just need to get the pictures printed to put in the frames!

We love our families! And we are so grateful for each of you! Thank you again for all of your love and support.