Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Little Surprise...


Rachel Julena Ross

December 16, 2011

3:19 PM

5 lbs. 2oz. and 18 in. long

This little girl just really wanted to be here! She is our little Surprise, coming 5 weeks early!

Just for documentation, last Friday morning I just wasn't feeling so well, my back was cramping ( I had really bad back labor with Tyler) I got in the shower then gave Tyler a bath, the whole time feeling like something was wrong. Trying to lean over the tub, then would jump up walk around in pain and totally confused. Got Ty dressed, meanwhile on and off the phone with my mom asking questions, and again not knowing what was happening! She wound up calling Steve and sending my sister to come and help and just let me relax. Steve came home and I finally decided that we would go to the hospital. While on the way there my water broke, the contractions (I didn't realize I was having at the time, now I laugh) stopped and I knew that we were having this baby that day! We got checked in, and found out I was dilated to 5cm and I thought she is going to fly out of there, until... she said that she couldn't tell what was showing and come to find out the baby was sideways, and we wouldn't be doing this the way I had planned on! I had to have a c-section, but the baby is healthy and doing well! We got to come home yesterday and we are adjusting to life with 2 kids! The hardest part for me is that Tyler is still very dependent on me and he doesn't understand why I can't lift him! And mentally i hadn't reached the point with him that we would have a sister! The night before she came, my good little sleeper (Tyler) woke up in the middle of the night and would not go back down, being that he had been sick, I went and held him on the couch that's almost like he knew what was coming and needed that! We are all doing well, after that roller coaster of a week we are so happy that she is here and healthy! I just love my kids and Steve so much and I am so grateful for the blessing that they are to me!

(*The picture above is the one I got from my sister, becuase I didn't even have my camera with me! But, luckily my sister got here on time that we borrowed her camera!)

Mom and Rachel...

Our happy little Family!

Ready to go home! 4 days in the hospital is too long! I felt so disconnected from the World!

She is so little! Ty used this car seat til' he was 11 months! Which was like a month and a half ago, so it's so different to have her in there!

Our new backseat!

It has definitely been a crazy couple of days! But, I look forward to the many great years that are to come! We love you Rachel, and are so happy that you are here!

Friday, December 2, 2011


Well...the time has come!! My baby is 1! That year really did just go so fast! Tyler is so much fun! He changes every day, and discovers something new to do or "say"... He is obsessed with wheels! Anything that has a wheel on it, he will spot it, get to it, and try to spin the wheel or push it! He loves to explore and get into new things! He is getting brave and will let go of objects and take a few steps to something else, but not walking yet! I can't decide if it's a good or bad thing...being that I am in the last 6 weeks of this pregnancy! Not really sure what would be easier, the beginning wobbly stages of walking or just continue to crawl! We love him so much and look forward to this next year and all of the changes and growth that is to come!

I started late...but these are the growth pictures that we have of Ty!

We love you Tyler! Happy 1st Birthday!