Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cabin Trip!

In January we took a trip to the cabin with some friends! It was a fun weekend, despite the traffic we experienced on the way up there!! I had only heard of the nightmares of traffic on the Donner pass...and this weekend with a bad storm, we experienced "the traffic on the pass." It took us over 4 hours to complete what should have been a 45 min. drive! People were walking along the highway, building snowmen on the center divides, and we even saw a man full on asleep at the wheel, unfortunately when traffic started to move. I think it was the semi's horn that woke him! Anyhow, we had a great time with some friends!
The gang!
This was our friend that kept coming around and hanging with us! He is such a pretty dog!

Eventually we did get some blue skies.

The sledding hill!

That night the boys decided that they would build a snow cave!
Steve digging it out!

Steve and Eric...they even made a coffee table in there!