Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tyler is 2!!!

  WOW!!!  On November 30 this little man turned 2!!!  I just can't believe that is has been two years since he joined our family!  So much has happened and changed, and we are so grateful for him in our lives!  Tyler is such a joy to be around!  He's an excellent big brother and that is such a great blessing to me!!  He has become such a great helper and follows directions pretty well, when I ask him to get things for me and such!! (like the wipes, diapers, his shoes, etc...)  We love you Ty and are so grateful for your spirit in our home!!  
Picture overload....sorry!!!

 Birthday Party!!!!!  Tyler is seriously OBSESSED with my dad and brother's cows!!!  He LOVES the cows...so I went with the farm theme for his cake!!  It was a lot of fun to make it!!!
 And...I think he enjoyed it!!!
Happy Birthday Ty!!  We love you and are so grateful for you!!!!