Sunday, October 4, 2009


We have been pretty busy lately! With both of us working, Steve as the 11 year old scout leader, and coaching a youth soccer team together. Our lives have been continuously on the go the past several months. But we are enjoying life and still manage to find some time to have fun!!
A weekend in August we took a day trip over to the beach! On our way, we went to see the Oakland Temple.
We then made our way over to Half Moon Bay!

Then we found this other beach, it was a little cove beach. It was really pretty!! Steve went skim boarding...for a little bit, til we lost the board to the ocean!!

We went with my family to the Demolition Derby at the State Fair!! Always some good entertainment!! :)

Last weekend we had a BBQ out at Folsom Lake with a group of friends! It was such a nice night! We had a good time, eating our tin foil dinners and making smores!!!