Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ty's Weekend of Firsts...

This past weekend we spent as a family and Tyler experienced a few things for the first time! On Friday night, we all went to the Giants vs. Braves game! Ty's first game!

He did so good! Just hung out, slept, and kept mom warm!

On Saturday went outside with Dad and had his first longboarding experience!

And...loved it!

And Sunday was his first Easter! It was such a nice day! He was loving the basket!

Matching Dad for church! (This kid and his faces caught it right on time!)

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Last 4 Months...

The last 4 months have gone by so fast! So much has happened in the last little while and I haven't had time to update, I say a little while because it all began before Ty even came...

Steve got a job in San Jose, CA last September, and moved down here to start. I moved in with my parents while I worked and waited for our little man to come! It was definitely not the ideal situation when your waiting for your first child to come living apart, but everything worked out great. Here are some newborn pics that i loved and realized i didn't post...

One weekend we went for a drive...trying to explore our new area...and ran into snow...

It totally threw us off...snow in the bay area...? It was pretty though! It was like the next weekend we went to San Francisco and it was 70 degrees and beautiful!
Ty's 3 month pictures!

He's pretty serious!
A couple days after he turned 3 months old he found his hands and they have been the greatest entertainment since!
We went rollerblading at this awesome park, it was a lot of fun.
I love being a mom! And waking up to this little man!
Tyler's 4 month stats:

Head Circumference: 42 cent. 50th percentile

Height: 25.25 inches 75th percentile

Weight: 11 lbs 11oz. 10th percentile

This kid is long and skinny...definitely not built like his mom!

I love his facial expressions!

Although it has taken some time, we are warming up to the area. Before I had Ty, we came down together so I could move our stuff we were pulling up I said to Steve..."Ahh man, I never thought I would live in the bay area!" and he replied "are you kidding! I never thought I would live in California!" Haha!