Tuesday, May 26, 2009

OK...So It's NOT Christmas Anymore...!

Ok. So It's only taken us 5 months to do something to this!! But A lot has gone on in those 5 months. We have moved to California, and are currently living in Rocklin. Steve has been working for Roebbelen Contracting and has really enjoyed the people and the company. He is currently applying for the CHP (California Highway Patrol). He's excited...Ashley...Not so much! :P But we will see what happens. The application process can take several months! Ashley has been working for an insurance company, and has learned a lot about the insurance field.
With moving came some new purchases...
A new rig...
The 84 BMW! It was time to give in and purchase another vehicle. So we went with the cheapest form of transportation we'll ever buy!!
Then, it was time to upgrade to a new bed. 2+ years on the full bed...

And a washer and dryer!!!

All in all, we are doing well! Looking forward to the Summer and to visit our Family and Friends that we have left and live far from!!