Saturday, April 27, 2013


Our second Port of Call was Antigua!  We were really excited for this stop because we had planned to do the zip line excursion!  So as we got off the ship, we headed with the group and made our way to the taxi to head to the rain forest!!
 Ready to go!!

 Compared to St. Thomas, Antigua was really flat.  This is while driving on the road we could see our cruise ship.
 OH MY GOODNESS!!!  Now this is what I was talking about!!  Or at least what I imagined the Caribbean to be like!!  This beach was AMAZING!  WOW!!  We had such a great time here!  We all swam, relaxed, and enjoyed the beauty of this awesome beach!!  So much fun and for sure our favorite stop!!


 Nightly dinner shot!!
 Bingo at the late night show!!!  Going on a cruise, I thought that we would be surrounded by a ton of people all the time and that there would be crowds everywhere!  Really, there wasn't!!  The only  thing we really had to wait for was the Mongolian BBQ for lunch!!  Cause they only had 4 fryer pans to cook with and too many people that wanted that!!  
To be continued...

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